How the VA gets around questions while in the Congressional Committee on Veterans Affairs hearing!

Well, I will give the VA one thing: they definitely prepare their people on circle talk, avoidance techniques and quick-witted-responses such as “we cannot talk about active cases in a public forum but can update the Chairman [or congressman] in private” or “We can gladly update you in private”. This is so the watchdog groups don’t have an easy time spotting their corruption, lies or generic responses to important questions or comments that deserve air time. I feel this is unfair. I also feel that the members from the VA that attend to these hearings are definitely prepped on how to ‘use up time’. What that means is: each congressman/woman has about 5 minutes each to ask questions, but their 5 minutes also includes the responses from those testifying at those hearings. So it behooves those answering questions to ‘use up’ or ‘eat up’ the time with long-winded and sometimes useless answers.
Very slick VA, very slick.
What I do not like is that our political representatives do not seem to catch these side-steps during the hearings. I think some may have an idea and feel as though their hands are tied or that they only have a small amount of time and do not want to divert from their main plan of questioning. It is something for sure. I can say that at this moment in time I have written 24 pretty-lengthy letters to the Committee on Veterans Affairs, requesting time in front of them to prove all of my information, to better arm them for future hearings. When you have things in print and a timeline map using VA documentation, it should be pretty easy to paint a corruption picture.
During this hearing [] in September 2016, the VA representatives (as well as Office of Special Counsel, VHA & VBA) express the amounts of money that has been offered to some, which one is up to $300k settlement by a VA employee. So the VA offered $300k to an employee to remain quiet and walk away from the suit. This was just one of numerous settlements that the VA has paid out.
To keep things short here (and a promise that I will provide sound bites and video/VLOG to pick this apart) to respect your time today, I will tell you that what these VA personnel have described is as follows (once again, I intend to back this up with direct sound bites):
-Some employees could be absolute dirt-bags and when/if they receive a bad evaluation, they could easily file a complaint to the Office of Special Counsel and state that they were biased against because of ‘this-that-or the other thing’ and will probably get a monetary bonus to settle out of any litigation
-Some of the VA employees who have no business being in a position to handle ANY VA claims because of their lack of ethics, morals or sane judgement, remain at the VA because they are protected by a union who threatens the VA with litigation
-The VA supposedly weighs the ‘cost’ of litigating against an employee to determine if it is cheaper to just pay them off instead of dragging it out
-The VA puts ‘fluff’ into their statements by saying “we want to make sure we compile all of the needed information in order to apply the appropriate level of punishment” and then say 2 more years? I am baffled at this and will expound in future postings.
The Chairman also announced the percentage of VA employees who ‘broke the rules’, got caught, and did not have these negative ‘marks’ put into their records. This percentage was %90+. So greater than 90% of employees who break the rules, get caught and are removed from their positions keep a ‘clean’ employment record. This is called a ‘clean record settlement’.
Although there is a lot of information on this post, it is pretty choppy at best and just wanted to get some information out to the veteran community more as a placemark and will be updated in the very near future. I did not want to forget my points, or what I need for a future posting in order to get this specific information out for all to see, hear, taste and smell!