Why the Silence?

Why the silence?

How can those who we elect to represent us remain quiet when there are so many of our citizens that are being constantly abused by a government organization that exist specifically to help our veterans? Our elected officials are supposed to be voices more powerful than our own to go up against bigger entities that ‘swat’ us down when we attempt to speak up against the ‘wrong’! Yet, as more and more headlines express the consistent abuse, and way-too-often horrible deaths of our nations’ heroes, our main stream media remains silent. Our elected officials are silent. Our voices, stifled.

It should not take invested research and a room full of people to watch every congressional committee hearings on the veterans affairs to get the ‘big picture’ of the scandalous direction and affiliations that are connected between the VA and the Congressional Committee on VA. Yet, if there are no witnesses to the answers, statements and official comments from both sides, one could assume that everything ‘is as it should be’, and yet that is not the case.

As I write this, I have personally sent over 250 letters to the Congressional Committee on Veterans Affairs under the ‘Waste, Fraud and Abuse’ section of their webpage. Not a single return message, so I continue to send them. I request a response each and every time. No response. I also request a face to face, closed door hearing (or open, I don’t care) with members of the committee. No response. No invite. No interest.

What could be gained by not answering my messages? I include the latest articles, not from the MSM because they don’t care, they care about their money, their ratings and their BMW in the garage, not about our veterans who served their country so they can have their freedoms. I have learned that if you continually give something to someone without them actually earning it, they tend to expect it and much, much more…without regard to how it came to be.

The most recent article, dated on 2 December 2016, states that a Vietnam Veteran died (link below) with maggots crawling inside a wound. How is this medically possible if we are providing personnel who are qualified and CARE ABOUT OUR VETERANS? It should not be possible, yet it is.

Link: http://www.wnd.com/2016/12/vietnam-vet-dies-with-maggots-crawling-in-wound/

What about the VA dentist that did not sanitize his tool properly? Possibly infecting over 500 veterans, who had no idea this ‘Dr’ was caring less about helping the veterans AND putting their lives further at risk. So how many battles, seen and unseen, do our veterans deserve? I think that they have paid enough for their service and should be taken care of, but until we get politicians that actually have some ethics and morals in office, plus a Secretary in the VA that actually cares about the veterans, AND directors of VA hospitals that can run their facility with ethics, our veteran population will greatly diminish in a horrible and undeserving way.

The VA will get richer, deny more claims quicker, kill more veterans and not be held accountable, allow cancerous employees to retire before being brought up on charges, and politicians will continue to vote as persuaded and get rich off of the blood of our veterans. Alone we are a quiet voice in the darkness, together we are a thunderous sound that no one can ignore. Its time to become that thunderous sound.