Police and Military Images


Hello and my name is Rosanne Troncoso Corpus.

I specialize in burning police badges and military insignia onto wood by hand.

I use a hand held wood burning tool shaped like a pen.

They take 10 – 14 days to make

Prices range from $30 – $90, depending upon the size of the wood.

Credit cards & money orders accepted; pay through Paypal or my Etsy store: policeNmilitaryART

Plaques are custom made, according to the customer’s preference.

Shipped through the US Postal Service with 2 day priority shipping, with insurance and tracking.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Contact me through my website www.policeandmilitaryimages.com to order!

Badge Info: http://www.policeandmilitaryimages.com/badge-info
Store: http://www.policeandmilitaryimages.com/store
Galleries: http://www.policeandmilitaryimages.com/galleries
Blog: http://www.policeandmilitaryimages.com/blog
Contact: http://www.policeandmilitaryimages.com/rosanne-troncoso-corpus-contact