About Us

I have been helping my fellow veterans out for over a decade now because I want to do what I can to help them avoid the experience that I have had to live through. I have had many experiences in dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the VA Dr.’s, VA Nurses, VA Pharmacy personnel, VA Admin/Front Desk personnel, VA Operators, QTC Clinic Dr’s, Nurses, and front desk/Admin personnel, Civilian Pharmacists, Civilian Dr.’s, and Schools. Not all of my experiences were negative, unfortunately most of them were not pleasant.

I started this site to provide our fellow veterans with a website to rateĀ and submit an explanation of their experience to help other veterans. I, personally, would benefit from learning how the VA Dr.’s are in another state, how the supporting groups (VFW, DAV, etc.) are, how the political representatives are in support of their veteran-constituents, etc. This site is not to vent frustrations, but to provide an explanation so other veterans can learn from your experience: good or bad. Eventually I will attempt to make this site a location to provide greater benefits to our veterans, and be a site that does not take advantage of our veterans like some of the bigger ‘support’ organizations that exist today. Honor, courage and commitment still means something to us.

I will expound on my experiences in the blog section but for now, I wanted to say “Welcome to Veterans911, where it is veterans helping veterans”.