State Evaluation Results

Each state has its own page and will display comments that were submitted by veterans to expound on their experience(s). The pages will be broken down alphabetically by city. This will make it easier for other veterans to expedite finding the specific location they are looking for. Feel free to visit the different questionnaires each time you have an experience with these categories and submit them accordingly. Remember: be precise in your evaluations, be respectful, and remember that these evaluations are to help other veterans.

You can access the State Evaluation Results through the State Evaluation Results menu or you can click on the abbreviations below:

[1-AL]—–  [2-AK]—–  [3-AZ]—–  [4-AR]—–  [5-CA]
[6-CO]—– [7-CT]—–  [8-DE]—–  [9-FL]—–   [10-GA]
[11-HI]—–[12-ID]—– [13-IL]—–  [14-IN]—–  [15-IA]
[16-KS]—- [17-KY]—–[18-LA]—– [19-ME]—–[20-MD]
[21-MA]— [22-MI]—- [23-MN]—  [24-MS]—- [25-MO]
[26-MT]— [27-NE]—  [28-NV]—- [29-NH]—–[30-NJ]
[31-NM]— [32-NY]—- [33-NC]—  [34-ND]—–[35-OH]
[36-OK]– -[37-OR]— -[38-PA]—–[39-RI]—–  [40-SC]
[41-SD]—-[42-TN]—–[43-TX]—–[44-UT]—– [45-VT]
[46-VA]— [47-WA]—-[48-WV]—- [49-WI]—– [50-WY]