Veteran Experience: Maine


Below are veterans experiences organized alphabetically by city.



[HWR]-VA Dr. Evaluation:I have seen Dr. Kimball twice for rating exams after my rebuttal to the rating boards first decision after my rating exams in New Orleans. After we moved from Louisiana to Maine we submitted a rebuttal to the first decision and I was sent to see Dr. Kimball at the Togus VA Center in Augusta, Maine. Dr. Kimball treated me with the utmost respect and gave me all the time I needed to get through two very emotional appointments. I was nervous going there to see him because of the horrible first rating exam/board experience in New Orleans but he really put me at ease. Dr. Kimball is an Army vet and he gets it. He gets us.

[HWR]-VA Admin/Front Desk: At Togus VA Center in Augusta, Maine you must check yourself in on a computer screen (atleast for rating exams) and the process was a bit cumbersome for me. The admin person at the window nearby really seemed bothered when I asked her questions to help me get through the process. Also, the computer screen was at a horrible height if you were standing and the angle I had to bend at to reach the screen really aggravated my lower back injury. I asked the admin person if she had a chair I could use and she said no. I was shocked. When I got in to see Dr. Kimball I told him about the experience and he told me there would be a chair there starting that day, and there was, and it was still there for my next appointment. Dr. Kimball, A+. Admin girl, F.