VETS911: SPCA Page

This page is dedicated to express the need for foster families for animals of all shapes and sizes. Some SPCA’s are no-kill, while others are not. The SPCA would never want to put any animal down if it can be helped, however many SPCA’s are so overrun with animals that have been abused, neglected, abandoned or a combination of those mentioned. Here at Veterans911 we are a huge supporter of the SPCA’s out there and the work that they do each and every day. We wanted to showcase the animals that we have personally fostered to ultimately get them healthy enough, feeling safe enough around humans again, and/or old enough for spay or neuter and then onto the adoption floor. We will grow this page to promote upcoming events, pictures of the animals fostered and anything else we can do to try and encourage more people to open up their homes to foster an animal who¬† was put into a bad situation by no fault of their own.

Although I cannot remember the names of all of them, I will remember how much they tugged at my heart and made me happy that we were able to provide them with a loving home and tried to convince each and every one of them that not all humans are bad. Animals are very trusting. Each one deserves a chance at life and to receive as much love as they give. It takes little effort to foster and my hope is that one of you reading this will contemplate opening your home to foster animals in need. Contact your local SPCA and ask how you can be of assistance, you will not be sorry!


GOFUNDME page to help the SPCA save Barney. This Beagle is in need of treatments to save him and the SPCA operates on donations. Your donation(s) will help the SPCA purchase needed equipment that will save Barney, but also other animals.


A box full of kittens, very young and rescued just in time!
Kittens learn to trust quickly, which is why it is important to rescue abandoned kittens, especially if the momma is nowhere to be found.
Always playful
Comfortable anywhere
Everything can become a bed
Not camera shy
So teeny tiny
These boxer mixed pups were a handful and so darn cute
Some fosters are goofy
Boxer exploration
So handsome
Many come to us as brother and sister, which is great for them to grow up together and learn their boundaries
the middle pup was our foster pup. She turned me into a Pit bull lover
Whole lot of kittens
They look so innocent
She found her comfy spot….on a pillow
They are so fuzzy
Very fuzzy kitty and super loving
My beagle (Milo-RIP) taking care of Buddy, our foster
Our foster Buddy, who was a ‘chewer’
Buddy, the only time he was not chewing on something
She spent her first evening underneath the bed. Would not come near a human. Very scared.
She spent her first evening underneath the bed. Would not come near a human. Very scared.
She quickly became part of the 'pack'
She quickly became part of the ‘pack’
Such an awesome pooch
Super sweet
She quickly took over the house, and all of the comfy spots
Trouble number 1
Trouble number two
So inquisitive. Look at those whiskers
What? What happened? It was not me! I was sleeping1
I promise I won’t attack you OR your feet! I promise! I haz a secret….just come closer….
They move so quickly
I’m innocent…no matter what they tell you
This is HUGE! this poor girl had to have her collar removed from her neck surgically! At first she would not eat while we were present, then she would eat but it had to be away from the other dogs and cats. This picture shows her big leap in trusting that she wont have to fight for her meal. I am happy to report that she was adopted by a loving family who will take the needed time to rehab her and give her lots of love and attention
Trouble with a capital “T”. This is Gunner and he was definitely a momma’s boy for sure. Pitt-Mastiff mix
Sadie (momma) and her pups (two to be named shortly by their forever family), Porky and Clover (she has what looks like a Mickey Mouse emblem on her back, but with the other black areas it looks like a clover as well
Shhhhh they are sleeping
Only one puppy has found their voice and he is loud
Momma’s favorite toy. She has never experienced having a toy I assume because she acted as if she was not worthy of one and confused that I kept giving it to her. She would walk around with it gingerly in her mouth, preparing to have it taken away. She is a great momma
Super cute